who we are

L U C Ī is a sustainable womenswear brand which is inspired by the feminine strength and power of the goddess.


Our mission is to provide quality clothing and accessories to our customers, which have been designed and hand printed by artisans using environmentally friendly techniques.


All of our materials are sourced thoughtfully and made with love. Our products are meant to empower and invoke the goddess within, and give us freedom to let our light shine out. 

made with love

We are committed to sustainable production practices. Many of our materials feature custom hand block printed designs. The process for this type of printing is unique and has been an art form for thousands of years. Our designs are carved into rosewood and, using eco-friendly dyes, stamped by hand thousands of times onto the material.


All of our products are handcrafted in small quantities by artisans in the craft communities of India. All of the products are fair trade, and we only work with small family owned facilities during the fabrication process, not only to ensure the quality of the product but to be involved in each and every step, and to acknowledge the effort that goes into the creation of each product.

our mission

L U C Ī respectfully donates a portion of their sales towards a women's empowerment initiative, which focuses on job training and education for women in India. Our hope is that every woman, regardless of background, has the opportunity to cultivate and educate her inner goddess.


Our desire is to make products that matter. Not only do we hope to serve the community we work in, but we also aspire to create an experience for our customers that has meaning and purpose, and recognizes the value of each individual who took part in the process.


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